Happy 70th Birthday to the NHS!

70 years ago, on the 5th July 1948, doctors, nurses, pharmacists, opticians, dentists and hospitals all came together under one UK-wide organisation, the National Health Service for the first time.


At SkinHD we have a close relationship with the NHS as Helena and Sara have 21 years combined experience of working for the National Health Service; Helena started training in 2004 and worked from 2007 as a Community Opiate Detox Nurse before going on to be a Nurse Prescriber; and Sara started training in 2011 and qualified to become a Midwife in 2015.

The Birth of a Brand New Healthcare System 1948

The Birthplace of the NHS was in our very own Manchester, just round the corner from our clinic at Park Hospital (now known as Trafford General Hospital) which was the very first NHS hospital.

70 years ago today, it was visited by the then health secretary, Aneurin Bevan, who is famously known as the ‘Father of the NHS’.
He launched the healthcare service with the clear and central philosophy of providing a health service available to all, financed entirely from taxation – meaning that people pay into it according to their needs.
Bevan was determined the NHS should ‘universalise the best care’ and not simply act as a safety net for the poor who couldn’t afford private healthcare; providing excellent healthcare regardless of wealth.



Free at the point of use, it was the dawn of a new era for healthcare. Prior to this people in the UK had to pay for treatment – pushing many families into debt, or they had to rely on charity or simply not be treated for their ailments. This was a game changer for the general wellbeing of the public. The life expectancy rose after its introduction from 65.8 years for men and 70.1 for women in 1948 to 71 for men and 77 for women in 1979.

The system was the first of its kind in the world, and is still envied by countries across the globe.
Throughout the ages the NHS has seen a huge change in medicine; from the first vaccination programmes; to the massive scientific breakthrough of discovering the molecular structure of DNA; the causal link between smoking and lung cancer; to the creation of diagnostic machines including MRI and CT scans which has revolutionised the way doctors examine patients and treat illnesses.



We are privileged and incredibly lucky to have such an amazing service provided to us for as little as we do in the way of national insurance contributions. All of us at SkinHD want to say thank you NHS for the vital role that you play in all of our lives and to thank the extraordinary staff that are the backbone of the nation’s best loved institution for the support and care you provide – day in, day out. Happy 70th Birthday, and here’s to many many more!

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Holly Snowden-Keane
Holly Snowden-Keane
16:08 07 Jun 19
I've had two treatments with Helena so far and just booked in for my third, cannot recommend enough. The clinic is lovely and very well presented, very clean and discreet. The staff, particularly Helena and Heather have been extremely friendly, accommodating and professional. Really happy with my treatments so far and I think I've found my new favourite skincare clinic. Particularly impressed with Helena's thorough approach, kind demeanour and attention to detail. It's clear she really knows her stuff and wants nothing but the best results for her clients which is so refreshing. I've searched for years for a clinic that not only delivered results but that I can trust, and I'm so happy to say I've found it. I cannot wait for my next treatment! :)
Alice Rose Felton
Alice Rose Felton
14:43 30 Apr 19
Great value, with long-lasting results. I couldn't be happier! x
09:14 22 Feb 19
Fantastic treatment! I have had lip fillers twice and both times I have come out with a pout that looks naturally fuller and no duck lip in sight! Perfect, quick and painless! Sara is wonderful and I will be back in soon.
Emma O
Emma O
16:40 20 Dec 18
I am absolutely shocked at how good my treatments were, I’m 44 years old and have gone from looking it to looking how I did at 30. I can’t believe the miracle that tear trough fillers are! This is something that only looks good if the right person does it, and that I have found. Lip fillers are done to perfection, natural looking full lips - no one would ever know I’d had them done. I can’t recommend highly enough, which I would never do lightly.
09:32 30 Sep 18
I would highly recommend Helena to anyone. She is extremely professional, and has a lovely manner which always puts you at ease. Her treatments are excellent , and i have always been really happy the results. She is always very accommodating with treatment times, and goes the extra mile to keep her clients satisfied ! She really helps you to be the best version of yourself. I wouldn't go to anyone else. Thank you Helena , keep up the great work !
Louise Dixon
Louise Dixon
17:31 01 Mar 18
I have visited Helena several times over the years and the service and results have been first class. Helena is always welcoming and friendly, but above all a highly skilled practitioner. The new salon in Chorlton is beautiful, spotless, and very discreet! Highly recommended.
Marilyn Standring
Marilyn Standring
22:38 15 Feb 18
I had the muscle relaxing injections in my forehead given by Helena. I can honestly say it was painless( I speak as a needle phone!!) The results are really good. Will definitely go again
Deborah Clark
Deborah Clark
12:22 15 Feb 18
When you find a great Therapist you hold on tight....Helena is simply the best
Moe Dallas-Penswick
Moe Dallas-Penswick
18:15 05 Feb 18
Had botox a few times from Helena. She is such a beautiful lady and very professional. Always does a fantasic job .. Would definitely recommend.. 5 stars..
Gillian Newton
Gillian Newton
19:51 31 Jan 18
I have been going to Helena for 2 yrs now and every treatment has been fabulous and so natural,she is so lovely and professional at her work I would recommend to everyone that wants to have Botox or any other treatment.
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