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What are Wrinkle Relaxing (Botox®) Injections?

Wrinkle relaxing injections are more commonly referred to as Botox®, short for Botulinum Toxin. Botox® itself is a registered trademark and brand name by the market leader, but other Botulinum Toxin products are available.

Whatever you call it and regardless of brand, Botox® when injected acts as a nerve block.  So what really happens is your brain sends the message to the muscle to move, however, the nerve can no longer respond as the Botox® has blocked the message being sent, resulting in a reduction in the movement of the muscle. This helps to reduce the appearance of lines and wrinkles, as these are caused by repetitive contractions of the muscle. It’s also used to relax tight muscles, which is more common in the lower face.

The thing to remember here is that this is only a temporary effect, eventually, the Botox® wears off and the muscle starts moving as it did previously.

Is Botox® safe?

Botox® has been used in cosmetic procedures for at least the past 50 years - yes that’s right, it’s been around that long!

Once reserved for the rich and famous due to its cost, it is now used widely mainly due to the reduction in the cost of treatments over the past 20 years.  It is extremely rare for individuals to be allergic to Botox® or have anaphylactic reactions to it post-injection.

Rest assured that all the practitioners at Skin HD are medically trained and we are fully equipped to respond should this occur, although in 7 years we have never had to respond to an anaphylactic reaction.

What is Botox® used for?

More and more studies are carried out on Botox® every year and the list of the conditions it can treat almost seem endless, it is now known to significantly reduce facial scarring after trauma and also reduce psoriasis skin plaques; it really is a wonder drug.

Here at Skin HD we use Botox® on both men and women to smooth out lines and wrinkles around the eyes, on the forehead and the glabella (between the eyebrows).  We also use it to relax muscles around the lower jaw and smooth out the neck, this procedure is called the Nefertiti Lift.

You can also use Botox® to treat Hyperhidrosis, also known as excessive sweating. Although you can have the palms of your hands and the soles of your feet treated, the most common area tends to be the armpits.  It’s a highly successful treatment that can significantly reduce the amount of sweat produced under the arm and for real sufferers of excessive sweating, this treatment can be a real lifesaver, especially during the summer months.

People also use Botox® to help alleviate the symptoms of migraines, unlike other headaches migraines are transmitted across the nerve endings of the forehead, by having Botox® in this area and blocking the nerve endings the migraine isn’t able to travel and for many people, it will stop it altogether.

Are there any side effects to Botox®?

The most common side effects are slight swelling at the injection site, this is normal and shows that the Botox® has got into the muscle; these little bumps will go down within approximately 40 minutes.  You may also have some redness around the injection site and you may get some bruising.  If you do get bruising it is likely to be small pinprick marks which may take up to 7 days to completely disappear.  Some people do suffer from headaches post-treatment, if you do just take Paracetamol or Ibuprofen as you would do normally.

One side-effect of Botox® that concerns people is something called a ptosis, these are related to injections of Botox® in the forehead when post-treatment the brow drops and feels very heavy.  Full ptosis is extremely rare, however, what is more common is something called a partial ptosis, if you get a partial ptosis it is unlikely that anyone else will notice and it will resolve within about 4-6 weeks.

How quickly will I see results from a Botox® treatment?

You will start to see results about 4 days post-treatment, however, it could take 10-14 days for the full results to be seen.  We expect to see a significant reduction in the size and the depth of the lines and wrinkles 14 days post-treatment.

How long do the results last?

Typically results can last between 3-6 months, generally you start to see some muscle movement around 3 months post-treatment, however, it takes about 5-6 months for full muscle movement to return.

Most people tend to have Botox® treatment every 4 months, the more you have it done, the longer the results tend to last.

Will Botox® make me feel numb?

No, everything will feel just as it did before, you will not have any reduced sensation in the area you’ve had treated.  Some people have reported that their forehead feels “tight” and occasionally the brow may feel a little heavy, but these feelings are likely to reduce over the first 4-6 weeks following treatment.

How should I prepare for a Botox® treatment?

If you are concerned about bruising, or you tend to bruise easily avoid taking Aspirin, Ibuprofen and Vitamins for 3 days before treatment.

Obviously, if you are prescribed blood-thinning medication by your GP you do not need to stop taking it before treatment, but please be aware you are more at risk of getting some bruising.

Can I exercise afterwards?

It’s advisable not to do any cardiovascular exercise for 24 hours post-treatment, as there is a risk you could sweat the Botox® out of the muscle.

Can I drink alcohol afterwards?

There is no reason why you shouldn’t have a drink after treatment, but we do advise not to have it done just before a big night out as you may end up in a hot club dancing and getting a little sweaty!

How soon after a Botox® treatment can I wear make-up?

We advise clients to avoid putting make-up on for about 2 hours post-treatment, this is just so the skin can form a protective barrier and reduce the risk of infection.

Will it be obvious that I have had a Botox® treatment?

Immediately after treatment, especially if you are having your forehead treated, you will see small bumps where the Botox® has been injected.  This is a good sign as it shows the Botox® has gotten into the muscle and it will disperse quickly and be completely back to normal within 40 minutes.

At SkinHD we are champions of the natural look, so we don’t put so much in that you will look completely ‘frozen’ unless that is the effect that you are looking for. We hope that people will just comment on how refreshed you look, rather than knowing for certain that you’ve had any injections.

What happens when the effect of the treatment starts to wear off?

You will just start to notice the muscles moving, slightly at first getting and gradually more mobile.  Some people are happy with some movement and will wait a bit before having their next treatment, however, some people really like the ‘frozen’ look and will book straight in.

What is the recovery time?

There is no recovery time, some people really do have the treatment in their lunch break.

How much does Botox® cost?

Prices start from £99 for one area, £180 for two areas and £225 for three areas.

Branded Botox® costs a little bit more; £125 for one area, £225 for two areas and £280 for three areas.

If having other areas treated with us we can do additional areas such as the bunny lines from £25.

Lower face Injections and Neck Injections are priced at £125 each area, or you can have the full Nefertiti Lift for £250

At some clinics, men can be charged more for Botox® as they typically need larger doses to achieve the same results as a woman would, due to them usually having larger muscles. However, at SkinHD, we charge the same price for both men and women!

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What does the procedure involve?

Assuming we have already completed the consultation process and you are coming in for your treatment, it will be relatively quick.

We will ask you to lie on the bed and cleanse the area we are about to treat.  Don’t worry about taking your make-up off before your appointment, we can do that for you.

We will then ask you to make facial expressions and we will mark the injection points with a white skin marking pencil.  This means you can just focus on your breathing and being relaxed during the treatment.

We will then inject the product into the muscles, the needles we use are really small and as long as you can keep your facial muscles relaxed during the process it really is relatively painless.

Can you get the treatment the same day as an initial consultation?

If you have been to us before we can treat you on the day, if this is your first time with us you will need to attend an appointment with a prescribing nurse and assuming this is before 6pm Monday –Thursday we can do the treatment the very next day at a time to suit you.

Cautions / Contraindications

Not recommended whilst pregnant or breastfeeding.

If you are regularly taking Ibuprofen, Aspirin, Warfarin or Vitamin E there is a likelihood that you will get some bruising.  If you are able to e.g. if it doesn’t interfere with any medical complaint, you could stop taking the medication for 7 days prior to treatment.  If you are unable to stop the treatment please continue, but make sure you don’t have the treatment before any big functions.

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