COVID 19 – Could it be affecting my skin?

COVID 19, the declared worldwide pandemic has gripped us all for the last few months. It has triggered a wave of tragedy and fear. Changed almost every one of our daily lives; causing us to adapt to this 'new normal'. Although many have recovered, COVID 19 and the government lock down has affected us in a way many have never seen before.

The symptoms of COVID 19 are plastered all around us;

  • A new continuous cough
  • Shortness of breath
  • Fever/High Temperature...

However - apart from mention of a 'new rash', little has been shared around the effects that the virus has on your skin. Our team here at the clinic are often more exposed to skin related information due to the nature of our field. Due to this, we have decided to share a story; a friend of SkinHD's experience with COVID 19, with photographs of how it has altered her skin.

Pictured above is Rosie, a long term friend of Helena's (SkinHD's owner).

Rosie has never had any fillers, Botox or aesthetics procedures. She contracted COVID 19 back in March, when tests weren't actually available. She was advised by 111 that she probably had the virus, and went through recovery at home for 2 months.  Thankfully, she is "more or less back to normal", although she still suffers from lung irritation because of the disease. See below for her experience in her own words.


As you can see, COVID 19 has certainly had an impact on her skin, along with her health. Like previously mentioned - the exact cause of this side effect is unknown. A combination of COVID 19, lock down and lack of normality probably all play a part.

We would like to hear other people's stories of their encounters with COVID 19/lock down. Starting a discussion could raise awareness!

Has you or anyone you know had problems with their skin throughout this period? How are you all coping at the moment with everything going on?

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