Terms and conditions

Please find the Terms and Conditions below on which SkinHD provides its services to clients.

Please ensure that you have read and understood them prior to booking any appointments or consultations.

If you have any queries or questions, please contact us on 0161 974 0212 or email enquiries@www.skinhd.co.uk and we will be more than happy to help in any way that we can.


Client Details:

  • All clients will be asked to provide contact details, including: full name, email address, phone number to secure an appointment.
  • All clients will be asked to complete a medical history form and to sign a consent form which is necessary to carry out the consultation and planning for suitable treatments.
  • The information provided in your medical history form may be discussed during your appointment to determine suitability for the treatment and to ensure that we understand your expected results. Your practitioner at SkinHD will discuss if the results are achievable and which treatment is required. SkinHD reserves the right to decline any treatment.
  • We will send email/SMS appointment confirmation at the time of booking and reminders prior to your appointment. To ensure that these reminders are sent to the correct email address/phone number, we ask that you update your details if changed.
  • All information will be treated as confidential and protected in accordance with Data Protection legislation. Client information will not be shared with third parties and you will not receive unsolicited information from us. You may unsubscribe from our mailing list at any time by requesting at enquiries@www.skinhd.co.uk or following the unsubscribe link on any email correspondence.
  • We will take before and after photos at each treatment for insurance purposes; these will not be shared anywhere without your prior permission.

Appointments and Treatments:

  • All new clients are required to attend a consultation appointment to discuss what treatment is required and if it is suitable before any treatment is carried out. Consultation appointments are free and normally scheduled in for 20-30 minutes. Most treatments are available to be carried out on the same day as the consultation.
  • Please note that some treatments that require prescription or specialised order (e.g. Wrinkle Relaxing Injections or PDO Threads) will not be able to be carried out the same day, as the products need to be ordered in advance of the treatment.
  • Any treatment that is agreed in the consultation is not binding – the follow up treatment appointment can be cancelled at your own discretion.
  • The process of each treatment will be explained thoroughly, including any contraindications or possible side effects. We encourage our clients to ask any questions they may have before the treatment is carried out. You can find the answers to the most commonly asked questions on our FAQ page. [LINK]
  • If any treatment is deemed unsuitable, your practitioner will discuss the reasons why and offer alternatives where appropriate.
  • We may request a £50 deposit when booking to secure your appointment. This payment can be made over the phone by card, or at the reception at SkinHD. This deposit can contribute towards the cost of your treatment, or if you decide that you do not wish to go ahead with the treatment can be refunded. Please note that refunds to your credit/debit card can take up to 10 working days to be processed.
  • If you would like to cancel or amend your appointment, please do so 24 hours prior. Any late cancellations may result in the deposit being forfeited. Any no-shows will forfeit the deposit and will not be refunded.
  • All payments for treatments must be made in full at the time of the treatment. For any treatments that require prescription, we request that payment is made in full at the consultation as the product is prescribed only for you and cannot be used by anyone else. Please understand that once paid for and the product ordered this is non-refundable.
  • Please arrive for your appointment 10 minutes in advance. This is to ensure any relevant paperwork is completed.
  • We aim to accommodate late arrivals, but this may result in reduced treatment time, or we may have to reschedule your appointment. If you are going to be late to your appointment, we ask that you let us know as soon as possible.
  • Follow up review appointments are required 2-4 weeks after the treatment to ensure that the results of the treatment are as expected. Free subsequent top-ups of Wrinkle Relaxing Injections are only valid during initial treatment or follow up appointments. Extra product is administered subject to clinical requirement, at the discretion of your practitioner at SkinHD.
  • Our treatments are only available to clients over the age of 18 years old.
  • We kindly ask that you do not bring your children to the clinic, but where this cannot be avoided, please ensure that another responsible adult accompanies you to look after any children, as they cannot enter the clinic treatment rooms nor can be left unattended in the waiting area.


  • Skin HD is committed to providing a high quality of care and service to our clients, and we aim to ensure all of our clients are pleased with their experience and results.
  • We ask our clients to come in for a review appointment after their treatment to ensure that the results are as expected.
  • If, however, you are not entirely satisfied with any aspect of your experience at Skin HD, please let us know as soon as possible so that we can address any concerns promptly.

Should you wish to make a complaint, you can raise your issue verbally with your practitioner or receptionist at the clinic, by email to enquiries@www.skinhd.co.uk, or in writing to Skin HD, 2 Railway Terrace, Chorlton, Manchester M21 0RQ.

  • All complaints will be dealt with courteously and professionally and we will not discriminate against clients who have made a complaint.
  • Any written complaints will be acknowledged by a return email or letter within one week of receipt.
  • Please note that if your complaint is regarding the results of a recent treatment, we require that you attend a review appointment so that we can investigate the nature of the complaint and if possible, we will use this time to resolve the matter.

Limited Liability

  • Clients will only receive treatment when all medical details of the client have been disclosed on the treatment consent forms, and is the sole responsibility of the client to ensure that this is correct and up to date.
  • SkinHD cannot be held liable for any facial aesthetic treatments that are carried out by a third party that may interact with the results of treatments carried out by SkinHD.
  • The client agrees to comply with all instructions and recommendations given to them regarding preparation to treatment and aftercare. SkinHD cannot accept any liability of any kind as a result of the client’s failure to comply with such instructions and recommendations.
  • These terms and conditions along with the consultation and consent forms represent the full agreement between SkinHD and the client.

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