Thread Lift

Thread lift therapy is fast becoming one of our most popular facial aesthetic treatments.

What are thread lifts?

Thread lifting has its origins in oriental acupuncture practices, and is used to improve and control tissue stimulation and muscle contraction.

This revolutionary treatment quickly counteracts the forces of gravity and signs of ageing by lifting and suspending facial soft tissue.

Because thread lift therapy is a minimally-invasive treatment, it can be carried out under local anaesthetic - meaning you get the effects of a facelift without needing surgery.

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Thread lift pricelist

6 threads used - £120 per thread

4 threads used - £120 per thread

4 threads used - £120 per thread

10 threads used - £120 per thread

PDO threads

We use PDO threads here at Skin HD. PDO stands for Polydioxanone - a material that has been used for over a decade in surgery.

PDO threads strengthen the contour of the face and can reduce roundness, lift sagging skin in the cheek, jowls and neck and can also be used to lift the eyebrows.

Areas that can be treated:

(£120 per thread)

  • Lower face/jowls - 4 threads
  • Neck - 4 threads
  • Full five-point lift (sometimes called the one stitch facelift) - 10 threads
  • Eyebrow lift - 4 threads

Other areas treated with non-barbed threads:

  • Under-eye/tear trough - £300
  • Neck to treat loose skin/fat under the chin - £350
  • Marionette lines / pre-jowls - £350

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